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U.S. Military Recreation Facilities

Alabama  (6)         Alaska  (10)         Arizona  (10)         Arkansas  (4)         California  (32)

Colorado  (3)         Connecticut  (0)         Delaware  (2)          Florida  (18)         Georgia  (11)

Hawaii  (6)               Idaho  (3)             Illinois  (2)             Indiana  (2)             Iowa  (0)  

Kansas  (1)           Kentucky  (2)           Louisiana  (5)           Maine  (2)           Maryland  (7)

Massachusetts  (6)          Michigan  (3)          Minnesota  (1)          Mississippi  (3)      Missouri  (2)

Montana  (2)         Nebraska  (1)         Nevada  (2)         New Hampshire  (1)         New Jersey  (7)

New Mexico  (3)         New York  (2)         North Carolina  (8)         North Dakota  (2)         Ohio  (2)

Oklahoma  (6)         Oregon  (2)         Pennsylvania  (0)         Rhode Island  (1)         South Carolina  (8)

South Dakota  (1)            Tennessee  (3)            Texas  (17)            Utah  (3)            Vermont  (0)  

Virginia  (14)         Washington  (11)          West Virginia  (2)         Wisconsin  (3)         Wyoming  (2)  
There are 244 U. S. Military Recreation Facilities
throughout the United States. Below is a list of how
many facilities are in each state.  To learn more about
these facilities, go to
Note the FamCamp at Keesler AFB in Mississippi has
changed their phone number to 228-377-9050.
New Boston Air Force Station
Recreation Area
is now OPEN.

Click here to read the Press Release.
Click here to view their brochure.
                             FamCamp of the Year for 2013

Some of us have spent the winter in warm States, others are getting their RV’s out of storage. Some
moved from one camp ground to another. Did any of those moves include staying at a FamCamp? Those
of you who are getting ready to travel this summer should keep in mind to look over the FamCamp you plan
on staying at and think about submitting them for an award as FamCamp of the year.

The FamCamp Committee will be looking to make three (3) awards, A,B, & C FamCamps. The
information that you submit on your FamCamp will depend on which category the FamCamp will be in.
Category A: 100 plus sites. Category B: 50 thru 99. Category C: 1 thru 49. Now your task is to submit all
information possible, such as; Condition of site, type of electric, water, sewage (on site or dump station),
laundry, showers, tables, type of shelter to hold meetings, ease of registration, what kind of information on
base or “outside city” activities, holding areas, dry camping, and any other information that you consider to
be helpful to our members.

This is not as difficult as it appears. By making these awards, we are making S.M.A.R.T. more visible to
our fellow service members. Our Board of Directors want to encourage all Chapters to adopt a FamCamp
by contacting MWR and let them know that your Chapter would be willing to assist in various projects to
help improve the FamCamp. One Chapter that I know of has donated a small sum of money to buy the type
of trees that MWR wanted to plant. Also, by being active with a FamCamp, they are more willing to accept,
and display our information, which as you have deducted, may gain us additional members.

Thank you for getting involved! God Bless you! And God Bless America!
Dale M. Hertzfeld, National Military Parks Coordinator

Mail your favorite nomination to National Headquarters not later than 31 August 2013.
Attn: Dale M. Hertzfeld, FamCamp Chairman
S.M.A.R.T. 600 University Office Blvd 1A
Pensacola, Florida 32514

or email your nomination to smart@smartrving.org
FamCamp of the year for 2013

The award is presented in three categories based
on the size of the FamCamp

Cliff Side RV FamCamp
Whidbey Island Naval Air Station
Oak Harbor, WA

Gateway Annex FamCamp
Malmstrom Air force Base
Great Falls, MT

Naval Station
May Port, FL