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Our caravans are usually 40-50% less expensive than other
commercial caravans

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Caravan Application.
A deposit of $280 must be submitted
with each application.

"Seeing the Country We Defend"
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To save a spot on one of these great caravans,
print out the
Caravan Application (PDF version)
Caravan Application (Word)
and mail it along with a $280 deposit to

600 University Office Blvd, 1A
Pensacola, FL 32504

The payment schedule for caravans is
50% of the total price by 6 months prior to caravan start
and 100% paid by 3 months prior to start.
Caravan costs include camping fees, and any other attractions, tours,
meals, etc. that the Wagon Masters have planned for the Caravan.

The top 5 Excuses you should not go on a SMART Caravan this year-- debunked

.        The fuel is too expensive this year
a.       Fuel is not going to get any cheaper
b.      Your RV is a very expensive lawn ornament if not used
c.       A 25% increase in fuel prices makes less than 10% increase in total caravan costs
d.      Traveling in SMART caravans offsets the higher fuel prices with lower caravan costs
2.        I’ll wait until next year
a.       Next year never comes
b.      Your health may not hold until next year—are these on your “bucket list”
c.       The caravan you want to go on may not be offered next year
d.      The cost will probably be more next year
e.      Many  our caravans fill up early and you might not get to go next year
3.       Caravans are too expensive
a.       SMART caravans are the least expensive quality structured caravans by 40-50%
b.      SMART gives you back any left over money
c.       Wagonmasters pick quality RV parks and exciting value-packed events & tours
d.      You attend more quality activities to more wisely experience your travel locations and not just waste your
travel $$.
4.       Caravans are too restrictive
a.       You can deviate from planned route as you want
b.      You have the safety net of other folks and trained wagonmasters
c.       Caravans are  great way to get to know an area that you are unfamiliar with
d.      SMART caravans travel slowly and give you free days to do/see your own thing
5.       Caravans are not fun
a.       New experiences & places is more fun shared with friends
b.      Traveling with folks of common military background is fun
c.       Wagonmasters use experiences from other caravans to help everyone have fun
d.      Just read the last few SMART Traveler magazines to see the fun we have
e.      You can bring your non-SMART RVing friends along if you want
Once a caravan is Full, we start a Stand-by list.  If you would like to go on a caravan,
but it is full, please call HQs at 800-354-7681 or 850-478-1986
or email us at and get on the Stand-by list.
You may still get to go.  We usually have a cancellation or 2 before each caravan.
Autumn in the Appalachians Caravan

Date:  23 September to 30 October 2015

Wagon Masters:  Kathy & John Steinbauer
Asst Wagon Masters:  Lynn & Steve Hyman

Cost:  $3,000 for 2 person rig

Only taking 18 RVs on this caravan
Caravan is FULL - We have started a Standby List

Click here to read about the
2014 Autumn in the Appalachians Caravan
We are a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(19) Veterans' Organization.
The Great River Road 2015

April  14 - June 17, 2015
Travel between the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Itasca

To read about the adventures on this caravan
Click here
Northern Exposure - An Alaskan Caravan

June 14 - September 3, 2015

Will cover 5400 miles-Visits 26 campgrounds
Will last 81 days

Wagon Masters:  Phil & Nita Taylor
Assistant Wagon Masters:  Tom & Sandy Pearcy

Cost:  $7100 for 2 person rig / $5300 for 1 person rig

This Caravan has started.
Canadian Maritime Provinces Caravan

19 June to 17 August 2016

Wagon Masters:  Carl & Gwen Hopper

Assistant Wagon Masters:  Mark & Linda Avey

Cost:  $5,800 for 2 person rig
$4,200 for 1 person rig
$1,700 for Guest

Limited to 20 rigs
Have 18 signed up
Some Caravans we have had in the Past:

AIBF - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Colorado Adventure
Rose Parade

Grand Frontier Western
Kentucky Experience

Autumn in the Appalachians
Pacific Northwest Coastal
The VIAL OF LIFE form is replacing the Medical Questionnaire that SMART has used in the past.  It
will be your responsibility to fill out this form and place it into a container and place in either the freezer
or refrigerator of the RV in case of an emergency.  Remember, by keeping this information updated
and current, it may save your life.  It can also be used in your home and car as vital information for first
responders and or medical personnel during a time of medical emergency.  

There are two copies of the
VIAL OF LIFE available. One in EXCEL (can be saved, updated and
printed) and the other one in a
PDF format for those of you who don’t have EXCEL or Open Office
(Sun Microsystems).  
Visit our Archive page to view
Journals from past Caravans.
Come Sail with Other SMART Members on the

March 31, 2016

Enjoy 14 nights aboard the M/S Harmony with an outside cabin, 14 breakfasts, 14
lunches, 14 dinners with beverages, including beer, wine and soft drinks, scenic river
cruising, and shipboard entertainment.  There will be new Springtime scenery, Roman
bathes, medieval towns, windmills, and a home hosted "kaffeeklatsch" with a local family
to experience everyday German home life.

Included with the 13 included tours are wineries/wine tasting, streetcar and boat rides, a
visit to a working windmill, castles, cathedrals, ancient cities, cobblestone streets and
chances to mingle with the locals and enjoy their traditional meals.  You will visit Basel,
Switzerland, Strasbourg, France, Kinderdiyk, Netherlands, Antwerp, Belgium, as well as
Baden-Baden, Bonn, Trier and other towns.

Prices start at $3095 for the cruise.  Add $1000/pp for the round trip air fare from NYC or
ATL.  CHI and LA are $1200/pp.  Everything is included.  

If you are interested in going Space-A or have other questions call us at 870-373-1422
or 501-626-4237.  Christian & Carolyn Eck

Check out the video about the trip at

Call Grand Circle Travel 800-597-2452 ext 2 and mention the Service code G6-22250.
The deposit is $500.00.  They will welcome any questions you may have.  We guarantee
a 1st class trip, gourmet meals, tours, a lifetime of great memories and a fun trip.  
Come join us !

Christian & Carolyn Eck
SMART 10236 & 12329

Post Script:  This cruise has sold out except for the cabins we have blocked for our
SMART group.  Sveral of our SMART members are already signed up.  So don't delay!  
Sign-up now.

We would like to mention that SMART is advertising this cruise, but it does not fall under
the guidance of the SOP-2 National Travel Guidelines and our caravan insurance
program.  You are highly encouraged to look into the purchase of trip cancellation and
health insurance.
Several presentations on SPACE A Travel.....both seminar and electronic.....will be
forthcoming. Hopefully this will assist participants and SMART  members interested in this
program. Will advise members anticipating such travel mode in utilizing ( and not using )
this great way to travel both inside and outside CONUS.

Christian Eck