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Southern California


We were one of the first Chapters Chartered in S M A R T  and today claim one of the largest memberships with just under 50 rigs (just under 100 people). We have Class "A"s, "B"s, "C"s, Trailers and 5th Wheelers of all sizes. We are a fantastic bunch of fun loving, friendly, caring folks with members from all branches and all ranks of military services, both U.S & Canadian. Our membership is basically made of folks from within 100 miles of Vista, CA but this is not a rule as we do have some members from Arizona, Oregon and even a Canadian "Snow Bird".

Our Chapter holds quarterly musters (rallies) in the Southern California area within 150 miles of Vista, along with our annual Christmas Luncheon in Oceanside, CA. With a vote of the membership, we do venture out further from time to time. Our musters are 4 days in length Mon. to Fri. Sometimes we will combine a musters with one of the "California Warriors" Chapter.

We encourage you to visit us at one of our musters and check us out. We love company. We invite you to join our ranks and share the fellowship and fun that make the SoCal Chapter of S M A R T  such a great way to enjoy the RVing experience.

Should you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact our President.

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Our Musters (Rallies)

  A calendar of our Musters and Events.

National Muster

Our next National Muster will begin on September 25, 2018 in Mineola, TX. Please click here for more information.

Southern California Muster Schedule

Date Event Sponsor
2018 National Muster
Mineola, TX More Info
Past Presidents


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Office Name Phone
President Glyn Scott (303) 514-8512
Vice President Doug Benzel (858) 945-6377
Secretary Cindy Howard (909) 229-7452
Treasurer Marg Crowder (951) 318-5644
Muster Master Michael Northup (505) 453-5753
Sunshine Sharon McConnell (619) 994-3746
Newsletter Editor Mary Lou Benzel (858) 775-6391
Historian Steven Crowder (951) 318-5644
Photographer Barry Weathersby (619) 457-3834
Chaplain Robert Vernlund (951) 259-6455
Protocol/sheriff Speedy Gonzalez Jr (951) 264-7458
Website Delegate James Cook (562) 964-6263

We are proud to be a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(19) Veterans' Organization. Run by and for veterans.