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The Capital Campers, more commonly called the “Caps” is the newest chapter in the North East Region of SMART. Generally, our area of coverage is about 100 miles radius of Washington D.C. Musters will be typically scheduled from April through October of each year with joint musters scheduled for the North East Regional muster as well as the National muster. Typical musters will be theme based, such as historic, musical, adventure, site seeing, etc. and will be designated by the muster master for a particular month. Usually musters will begin on a Thursday and end on a Sunday with attendance at any or all of the days in between. Muster "kick off" may consist of a joint breakfast gathering on a Friday, followed by a theme based activity with a happy hour about 1700 and possibly an additional visit to a restaurant in the evenings. Participation in any or all of the activities is up to the individuals.

Our members include both military veterans and co-pilots from all the branches of service who are also members of SMART. If you qualify for SMART membership and want to “test drive” a muster outing with the Caps, please let us know and we will try and accommodate you. If you're ready to sign up, just follow the instructions for joining Capital Campers shown below.

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Our Musters (Rallies)

  A calendar of our Musters and Events.

National Muster

Our next National Muster will begin on September 25, 2018 in Mineola, TX. Please click here for more information.

Capital Campers Muster Schedule

Date Event Sponsor
Spring Muster at Grey's Point Campground
Topping, VA More Info
Capital Campers
2018 National Muster
Mineola, TX More Info
Past Presidents


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Office Name Phone
President Bill Gooding (703) 405-9918
Vice President Ron Preuit (304) 279-4022
Secretary Stu Mitchell (703) 887-3231
Treasurer Bob Harris (703) 624-8489
Muster Master Bill Gooding (703) 405-9918
Website Delegate Bill Gooding (703) 405-9918

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We are proud to be a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(19) Veterans' Organization. Run by and for veterans.