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RV Caravans

Are you looking for an RV Caravan to enrich your travel experience at an unbelievably low price? SMART RV Caravans have helped our members save hundreds on exciting adventures throughout North America. We work hard to provide distinctive and creative trips. Our reputation speaks for us. Year after year, we see returning members on our caravans and they usually talk other members into joining in on the fun.

Our Past Adventures

Our past caravans have produced memory books, YouTube videos, or Facebook Groups documenting their adventure. Please click on the links below to view.

Caravan Testimonials

Don and Carol Vardell write: “Thinking about new RV adventures to places you’ve not yet discovered? How about a trip in your RV with all the routes, campgrounds, and adventures already arranged for you? Maybe traveling in the safety and fellowship with fellow Veterans could appeal to you.

We found all this and more within four exciting SMART Caravan adventures. Now, our preferred way to experience RV adventures is aboard SMART Caravans. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed a caravan to New England to see beautiful Fall Colors. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta shows you exciting arrays of colorful balloons both day and night. You can touch them and ride in them. The Canadian Maritimes 60-day caravan was filled with a wide variety of activities in a rewarding, often fast-paced format immersing you in the rich Maritimes culture. Ever wondered where the Mississippi River begins? Take the Great River Road Adventure Caravan with SMART. Find out why the Mississippi River is truly one of the Great Rivers of our world. Please feel free to contact me.”   smart12843@gmail.com

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